Oreo Stuffed Crescent Rolls

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If you love Oreo cookies then you now have an Oreo cookie recipe to share with you and your friends. Oreo cookies recipe are a great way to get the cookie that goes great with milk into a wonderful dessert recipe. There are many Oreo cookie recipes out there and Danielle brings you another one. Who doesn’t love cookies and milk and if those cookies are Oreo then we probably all love them. This Oreo cookie recipe can easily be made and if you buy the dough for the rolls that makes it even simpler. Whenever you decide on making any dessert that calls for candy bars or cookies then you will be able to easily substitute the one that is called for in the recipe for one that makes your own heart flutter.

With all the varieties of candy bars and cookies out there this decision is not as easy as you might think. An Oreo cookies recipe like this one will even have the pickiest of eaters looking for seconds. So take all the Oreo cookie recipes that you have and then compare them and make the one that you find easiest or the most delicious. You are the one

with the final choice and if you like chocolate chip cookies instead then use them.This recipe like many others for crescent rolls can be made on your own or you can choose to buy premade crescent roll dough. Danielle’s recipe includes three ingredients and one extra one that is your own personal choice as far as if you want to include it. The crescent roll part of the recipe is what you can decide to make your own dough for or if you are not up to the challenge or are lacking time then you can easily buy the dough at most supermarkets. With this recipe as with every other recipe out there the direction and ingredients are suggestions and you are not bound by them. This certain one is so easy that you might want to try a few different cookies in the same baking since the recipe is so simple. Try something you have never tried before and you might be pleasantly surprised. Creativity is always welcomed when dealing with new recipes.

If you are interested in making a dessert like this one from the kitchen of Danielle then never be afraid to take it and rearrange the way to cook it. This recipe is made in the oven and if that is the preferred method then follow it but if you are a frying enthusiast then consider trying that way. Frying is not as healthy as baking but there are a lot of you out there that love to fry. If you use canola oil or any other healthier oil then even if you have to fry at least you will be frying healthier. These days there are many options for you if you are determined to eat healthier. You are only limited by your own choices. Thanks to Danielle of Hugs & Cookies XOXO Blog for this yummy Oreo Stuffed Crescent Rolls Recipe and bon apetit.**

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