20 Easy Little Girl Christmas Hairstyles

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These holiday hairstyles will give you plenty of inspiration for some holiday hairstyles of your own. And the good news is that these DIY ideas are approachable for even the biggest hair novice. Christmas time is a busy time of year for moms and families. Between all the shopping, cleaning and preparing for parties, there is a lot on to do. Add to that the extra stress of getting the kids all dressed up and ready for holiday events, and it can be overwhelming. These 20 easy hairstyles and DIY ideas are great for holiday parties, and anyone can do them. On the site, you will find included a link to a tutorial for each of the adorable holiday hairstyles. Whether you are looking for a Christmas hairstyle for a family gathering, a school party, an ugly sweater party, or your annual family Christmas party, there is sure to be a hairstyle DIY idea you are sure to love.

1. Easiest Christmas Tree Braid DIY idea and tutorial from Hair by Lori. This diy idea is so easy to do, there are no fancy braiding skills required. To make this project to do even easier, you can find a Hair by Lori EZDO Christmas Tree Braid Kit on Amazon, and the kit comes with all the components that you need to make and decorate your Christmas tree braid.

2. Wreath Hairstyle for Short Hair fun and easy DIY from Hair by Lori. This one only works on shorter hair but is such a cute and festive hairstyle. Finish with curls to dress it up or just leave the hair straight.

3. Elastic Christmas Tree Hairstyle DIY idea and tutorial from Princess Hairstyles. This elastic band hairstyle looks complicated, but it’s really easy to do. This diy idea takes a little bit of time, but if you can do a ponytail, then you can also do this idea.

4. Rope Twist Crown Braid Wreath diy idea and tutorial from Hair by Lori. This wreath DIY idea hairstyle is so pretty. This hairstyle stands out. The hairstyle is one of the more difficult on this list of DIY ideas, while it is still fairly easy to do, but if you have time to do a practice run of this, it’s worth the effort.

5. Ornament Updo fun and easy DIY from Hair by Lori. This beautiful updo hairstyle is great for your more formal of Christmas events or for older girls or moms who would prefer not to have a Christmas tree in their hair. If you can do a French braid in your hair, then you’ll be able to do this one.

6. Festive Elf Hairstyle tutorial and DIY idea from Braidsandstyles12. This festive hairstyle is so easy to do, you’ll be surprised. Leave off the elf hat if you like and you still have a great hairstyle in either pigtail or do it in a ponytail. This holiday hairstyle and DIY idea will stay in well for a busy day, playing or sports.

7. Strand Ribbon Braid DIY idea and tutorial from Hair by Lori. This braid is one that every mom should try and learn. The hairstyle looks impressive because it’s not a hairstyle that you see often, but it is quick and easy to do. You can add red or green ribbon, and it’s perfect for the holiday season. You will find these DIY ideas for little girl Christmas hairstyles on the Raising Lifelong Learners site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, projects to do, fun and easy diys you can do with the kids and so much more. **

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