Baklava Cigars

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Try this Baklava Cigars recipe as a variation on baklava, a fabulous Greek dessert made from blended nuts, honey and other delicious ingredients. This baklava cigars recipe is a great way to prepare this special dessert. This dessert is soaked in beautiful syrup that can be made in a variety of ways including using rose water, honey and other special ingredients to make an exotic and fragrant addition to this lovely dessert. This particular baklava cigars recipe is quite fantastic. It uses three different kinds of nuts. They include walnuts, pistachios and pecans. Pistachios and pecans are pretty pricey nuts, but their flavor is unequalled by any other nut. They will make a fabulous addition to this dish, which is often made using just walnuts (which, although they are cheaper nuts than either pistachios or pecans, are still expensive).

Other ingredients that this baklava cigars recipe calls for are also expensive, including the whole vanilla bean and the whole comb honey. Of course, you could always just look for an organic, raw, and unpasteurized honey, which might be easier to find, if still costly to purchase. This recipe does not take long to make up, once you have all of the ingredients in order (that is, purchased) and are ready to start mixing the filling. Basically, there are three parts to this recipe. First, you have to make the nut mixture. Or, you could make the syrup first, it does not really matter. Either way, both of these steps have to get done. Of course, the kids might be able to handle mixing the nuts whereas hot sugar syrup is likely something that should be overseen by an adult. Once this is done, the fun starts. In this final step, individual phyllo pastry pieces are buttered and then filled with the nut mixture and rolled in to cigar shapes. That is how this unique take on the classic baklava happens. You can make about two dozen of these shapes, according to the site, Sprinkle Bakes, where the recipe can be seen (along with a lot of really terrific photos of the shape that you are trying to make with this twist on the classic baklava).

This recipe is loaded with fats, both good and bad. The amount of butter can take you aback, but if there was ever a recipe where you ought to indulge in your love of butter, this one is it. The flavor of this nut and honey mixture is quite unparalleled, and it is a really easy recipe to make, once you have put it together. So if you have not made this lovely dessert before, here is your chance.

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