Best Way to Get Rid of Black Widow Spiders

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When it comes to the most aggressive house spider the black widow, genus Latrodectus is one of the most dangerous spiders in North America. They are found primarily in the Northeast United States, but can also be found in the south and in Canada. There are even five different kinds of this spider in states just north of Mexico; the brown widow, red widow, southern black widow, northern black widow, and western black widow. Even though they aren't too aggressive in seeking out prey, they can be aggressive when provoked injecting a neurotoxic venom into the bloodstream. While the amount of bite victims who end up dying from a bite is extremely low, the bites can still cause some damage. Anyone who's been bitten by a black widow spider should go right to the hospital. You may start to feel some tingling or numbness in your body. Even some stomach pain, dizziness and nausea. Some people even have some difficulty breathing with tightness in their chests and sweating. The best way to avoid bites from an aggressive house spider is to do some spider control in your home. This will even keep common house spiders at bay too.

The first thing is to learn to identify black widow spiders. The females and males look different from each other with the females having a black round abdomen with a red hourglass-shaped marking. The body is about a half an inch long, and the entire spider would be about 1.5 inches with legs. Male black widow spiders look different than the females, and they are light brown or grey. They also have lighter coloured lines on their backs, and the hourglass shape is more of an orange or yellow and fainter in colour than the female. They are also smaller than the females as well. The best spider control for black widows is to keep them out of your house by fixing and blocking up any cracks in your walls, foundation, windows and doors. You can fill up any smaller holes you find with some caulking and sealant. Also check for holes in your window screens too and fix them or get new screens. Getting rid of any plants that may be touching the outside of your house is a good idea too since they love to hide out in any plants especially ivy.

To get rid of black widows and other common house spiders you need to kill the ones that are already in your home. Since they are nocturnal, you'll have to go around your home at night with a flashlight and squish any of the spiders you see. You can also use your vacuum to collect any spiders in your house. Especially look in your basement, attic and any other crawl spaces in your home. When you're done, just be sure to kill the spiders in your vacuum bag or canister and throw them in the garbage right away. You can also spray pesticides on them and use sprays for spider control to keep them away from your home. You can also look into natural remedies for spider control too which include using strong peppermint oil as a repellant for common house spiders including the more aggressive house spider. The only thing with the natural remedies is you'll have to be on top of replenishing them over time. Get Rid Of Things has some great suggestions for different pesticides for spider control that you can buy at the store and try out at home. So read through all of the products they list over there and try a variety of spider control solutions.***

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