Chocolate Chip Cookie Magic Bars

Photo Credit: Averie Cooks

Well, we all know that any recipe calling for chocolate chips is magical, so what else might we hope for in these Chocolate Chip Cookie Magic Bars? One glance at the photos on the website will tell you. These are chocolate chip cook bars turned up to 11 out of a 10-point scale. They begin with a great commercial mix, but then bump them up and pack them full of scrumpdillyicious stuff your kids will love. This recipe is a sweet lover’s treat, there is no way around that. But if you like it sweet, try chilling the bars for a few hours before serving them. For kids, warm them up to the point where they are practically melting then add ice cream. They will love you forever (or at least until dinner).

These are easy to make bars that an up and coming baker can try. It helps to understand how commercial mixes work, and you have that opportunity with this recipe. Then you get to bump it up and see what happens when you change a recipe slightly to create something lovely and new. So there are lots of learning opportunities with this special treat. And it may inspire you to create something else again; who knows? Baking is always full of wonderful surprises and trying something different can sometimes yield excellent results. There are always, gaffs of course, but most family members will gobble those up too.This website has great photography to illustrate what is being made. And, if you don’t like what you see first, blogger Averie offers plenty of other tantalizing treats, snacks, and other baking products. This recipe is easy and the illustrations and simple directions will ensure a successful outcome. Try it soon.

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