Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Do not get nervous when you see the words, gluten free, in these Gluten Free Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies. They are fabulous cookies. The rice flour that is used in this recipe is light in flavor and brings a slightly granular twist to the batter that is really nice in the bake. Cocoa powder and dark chunks of chocolate (get the organic, big chunks) are terrific, too. The addition of chile powder (here, ancho chile, a mild flavor) is a really fun twist against chocolate, and one of the new plays that so many bakers are inventing these days. Make one half of the recipe with the chile if you have not tried it before.

This is a great cookie recipe and it will bake up just like your usual cookies. They will not be quite as sweet because of the organic sugar that is used, and the texture will be slightly granular with the use of rice flour. The olive oil will ensure a moist flavor and great quality here. The combination of a hot spice (here, ancho chile) and chocolate is a relatively new taste sensation. If you and your family enjoy trying new flavors, give this one a try. It is quite unique and very delicious. However, if you and your family are lovers of the classics, skip the heat, and just enjoy these great cookies without the spice.

These cookies are easy to make, and have lots of healthy ingredients in them. They will still taste great, and if you want, you can add some heat to turn the flavor up a notch. Pun intended. Bookmark this page, and invite a friend over when you make them, and you can split the recipe making one half with some heat and one half without the ancho chile. Enjoy.

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