Farm fresh Eggs Make the Best Homemade Pasta Its a Fact.

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Do you ever make your own pasta at home? Did you know that Farm-fresh Eggs Make the Best Homemade Pasta. It's a Fact! There are many a pasta recipe that claims that eggs fresh from the farm create the best pasta. You can use the store bought eggs of course, and always try and use free run chicken's eggs when you can. But the farm fresh ones, just like anything that is fresh, takes it to the next level of goodness. The farm fresh eggs have a deeper golden yolk, which is what you like to see. This means the chicken has been fed a more nutrient dense diet. Thus, making the eggs better for you in the long run. This rich, orange-ish coloured yolk makes the pasta a nice golden colour and richer in flavour too. Who doesn't want that?

I personally love fresh farm eggs over store bought eggs any day. We used to be able to get them from my step dad's farm and they were just incredible! A world of difference from the pale yolked, nutrient deficient store bought eggs. We also used to have access to the fresh farm eggs from a great stand at our farmer's market where we used to live, and we miss their awesome eggs too. They were so reasonably priced too at $3 per carton as I remember. The other reason why I like the fresh eggs from the farm is because you know that these chickens have been treated well, not put into tiny cages just to pop out eggs and then be some meat later. It is so important to know where the meat you eat and the animal products you eat are coming from as everything carries a vibration that goes into your body when you eat it.

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