German Chocolate Cheesecake

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German Chocolate Cheesecake is a new and fresh twist on the classic cake. Most of us know that the word, German, in the Chocolate Cake of the same name, refers to the man who invented this particular blend. It does not mean that the cake was invented in Germany. In fact, German (originally, German’s) Chocolate Cake was invented in the United States. Its unique characteristic lies in the type of chocolate used in the cake as well as the combination of caramel and pecans that form part of the frosting and filling. In this recipe for German Chocolate cheesecake, a nod is made to the original, resulting in a nutty, sweet, and decidedly chocolate creation.

Cheesecake may be as old as the ancient Greeks. There is some evidence from a cookbook published by Cato the Elder that a cheesecake was one of the ancient religious feast cakes. In about the 14th century, an English cookbook also contains a recipe for this very old dessert. Thus, the English contend that the cheesecake is their invention. Whoever invented it, did all of us a flavor. The blend of cheese and eggs combined with a small amount of sugar and baked creates a wonderful creamy texture that is hard to beat. The unbaked version, decidedly American, is quite different from the baked version, but every bit as delicious in its light and frothy flavors. Each of these cakes offers its own flavors, and most people have their favorite.

This recipe is the classic baked cheesecake using a whopping 24 ounces in the cheesecake portion of the cake. Its base is a decadent chocolate Oreo cookie, which offers a black contrast to the caramel cheesecake middle. More pecans, coconut and a few special ingredients combine to make a killer topping, which is then topped with a drizzle of, you guessed it, more chocolate. What could be better?

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