Homemade Potato Chips And Dip

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This recipe is just a wonderful indulgence that you make on those very rare occasions when calories, fat content, and nutrition are just not part of the equation, like holidays, or special occasions. This dish combines home made chips made from fresh potatoes (fabulous) with a lush blend of sour cream, several cheeses, and loads of other fattening and fabulous ingredients to create a dip that will have people standing around the bowl fighting over the last bit of it. So make several bowls of the stuff, and spread it around the room. And in addition to putting out the home made potato chips (again, fabulous) consider adding some veggies. Any combination will do so think about cucumber, celery and broccoli as well as other dark veggies that will complement the richness of the dip.

This is a super easy recipe to make, although it does require plenty of care and attention. In that sense, it is a bit time consuming. But, if you have ever had home made potato chips, you know that their flavor is unequaled by anything you buy at the grocery store. Even plain, these chips are, well, I will say it again, fabulous. You could work with your young cooks and bakers, too, to show them how to make these special home made chips. That might encourage them to make them for the family (and how great is that).

This recipe is easy and straightforward with great photos and plenty of good explanation of the process for both the chips and the dip on the web site. The recipe instructions are also clear and an easy read. The whole trick for this recipe to be a success will be ensuring the potatoes are crispy without being burnt. So watch them carefully, and really enjoy this very special dish.

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