How to Remove Coffee Stains from Mugs and Cups

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Have you ever really stopped and thought about the coffee cup? When it comes time to choose a Fathers Day or aMothers Day gift, what is more, perfect than a cup with a great saying on it that perfectly describes your dad or mom. How about Christmas when it comes time for that stocking stuffer or under $5.00 gift! What about Easter, when you don't want to use a basket, but you would love to fill something and there are the cutest little bunny mugs around to fill with chocolate eggs. There is no greater and more useful birthday gift as you look at the mugs on display and know that you have spotted the 'perfect one' to suit your friend. How about that 'thank you' gift for looking after the pet while you were away, or the designer coffee mugs at Starbucks? Coffee cups are thought about when they are purchased. They are purchased with love and thought in so many cases.

You love your mugs and cups. When you have your morning java, you are reminded of where the mug came from. One of my favorites is one made by my daughter in a ceramic studio. It is rainbow colored with an OM symbol on the bottom.

I was having my book club friends over the other morning for coffee and while preparing everything I noticed that all my glorious mugs had coffee stains in them. Uggg. They really looked awful and like I didn't even remember or care about all the 'love' that had gone into those mugs that I had received as gifts over the past few years.

I washed and scrubbed them, but the stains were still there. I did a quick google and found this site with their very simple cleaning tip using an ingredient I always have in the house. It worked great!To learn how you too can easily clean your stained mugs and cups with very little effort, please visit the Step by Step website.

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