Italian Sausage Soup

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Sit back relax and prepare to get a recipe for a healthy homemade soup. Shannon of Cozy Country Living brings her Italian Sausage Soup into your kitchen and will hopefully be a welcomed guest. Healthy soups are usually the case since many soups are made to comfort an uptight stomach or to soothe a yearning you have for something hot and tasty when you’re feeling down and out. Just because you see the word sausage in the recipe don’t think this soup cannot rate as one of the healthy soups out there. You can always substitute in all recipes so in the end every soup including this one can be a healthy homemade soup when you’re done. Healthy soup recipes don’t always have to be chicken or veggie laden ones, you can incorporate many different types of meat or fish and still make it into one of the many healthy soup recipes. This particular one calls for sausage to be added. You can always go with the leaner cut of meat in the sausage or pre-cook the sausage and drain away all the fat by poking holes in the casing while the sausage cooks. This helps in cutting down the fat content.

The early humans would make a sausage type that is cousins of the ones made today by roasting intestines and putting them in stomachs and cooking them. This is almost the opposite of what we do today. The recipes for sausages today are different types of meat being stuffed into intestines. Both ways work but the latter is the more palatable for our sense of what is good to eat. Stomachs are still used today to encase meats and one recipe variation of this is the Scottish staple of Haggis. Ancient Greeks and Romans as well as outlying tribes in those areas were the earliest known producers of sausage. The most famous of them being Lucanica from the Ancient Italian City of Lucania in the southern part of Italy.

Sausages are most usually encased in the intestines of cow, pig or lamb. The ingredients vary and you can add garlic, fried or raw, onions. egg, cheese as well as many other ingredients and the spices range from the lighter variety to the hot and smoky ones as well. The options are open to you and your palate. The shoulder of the animals is most commonly used since it is reasonable in price as well as tender enough to cook quickly and still be soft. Sausages used in many recipes can be fresh, smoked, dried, cured and fresh smoked and yes even vegetarian. The vegetarian variety is made with tofu, nuts and soy protein. As many countries and regions you can think of have their variation on the sausage. You can find all of them in recipes for everything under the sun including soup, as we now know. Thanks to Shannon of Cozy Country Living Blog for her yummy Italian Sausage Soup Recipe that gives the wonderful meat in a blanket another place to call home. Bon Apetit. **

Nutrition Facts for: Italian Sausage Soup From Cozy Country Living
Ingredients: Olive oil, Italian sausage, green peppers, red pepper, onion, garlic clove, chicken stock, canned fire roasted petite diced tomatoes,pasta,salt, black pepper, dried basil, dried parsley.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 6 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 459, Calories from Fat 250, Total Fat 27.8g 43%, Saturated Fat 7.8g 39%, Cholesterol 91mg 30%, Sodium 1483mg 62%, Potassium 757mg 22%, Carbohydrates 31.7g 11%, Dietary Fiber 3.0g 12%, Sugars 6.2g, Protein 21.5g, Vitamin A 29%, Vitamin C 92%, Calcium 6%, Iron 17%

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