Lazy Day Salsa

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This Lazy Day Salsa combines the tart and tangy flavors of lime and cilantro to the full flavor of garlic to produce a dip that will please everyone at the table. It is quick to pull together with your food processor (or even your blender would work). This is also a great recipe for aspiring cooks to try as it does not require any stovetop or oven work, and gives young cooks a chance to work with herbs such as cilantro.

Cilantro is an interesting herb that hails from southern Europe. Today it grows pretty much everywhere, including your own back yard if you have a sunny spot for it. It is an easy to grow herb that looks lovely and smells delicious. If you leave some of it to flower and go to seed, you will get your own seed, too. The seed portion of cilantro is known as coriander. It has a much milder flavor than cilantro that is lightly lemony in taste. Cilantro is known as the healing plant, and research is beginning to bear out the lore that accompanies this herb. It has anti-microbial properties and anti-inflammatory impact. Cilantro, given to lab mice, has been shown to stimulate insulin production and lower blood sugar levels. Finally, cilantro also lowered the bad levels of cholesterol (LDL) in rats and raised the good levels of cholesterol (HDL). Studies are ongoing, but look very promising. Meantime, enjoy the fabulous flavor of this wonderful little herb.

This salsa is cheap, easy and quick to pull together. If you have ingredients on hand, it can be served up in minutes. Of course, if you let the flavors co-mingle for a bit they will also come together really well, and on hot days, a chilled salsa can sometimes be a welcoming cool snack. Why not try it today?

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