Reduced Sugar Old Fashioned Carrot Cake

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If you require a carrot cake recipe that’s low in sugar for those with sugar-restricted diets or just want to limit your sugar intake, this reduced sugar carrot cake recipe is a healthy alternative while not sacrificing on flavour. This low sugar cake recipe uses Splenda sugar blend, which is a mixture of Splenda sweetener and granulated sugar so that it reacts as it should in baking recipes, but you still get the bonus of a reduced sugar cake. Sugar plays a significant role in cake recipes because it affects the flavour and the structure of the final product. Besides providing desserts with their signature sweetness, sugar is also a requirement for creating moist and tender baked goods. When sugar meets with wet ingredients, they form together to create a moist cake texture to all your baked recipes. The amount of sugar also helps build the structure in a cake by taking water away from the starches, thus creating a tender cake. The conclusion is that sugar is incredibly important to baked goods, which is why the Splenda blend is crucial to this fantastic reduced sugar carrot cake recipe. You get to add actual sugar for a proper cake structure while also reducing the amount of sugar used by using Splenda’s signature sweetener.

If you’re going to bake this low-sugar cake, chances are you’re going to want to make cream cheese icing for carrot cake recipe. Most icing or frosting recipes use icing sugar, which is super fine, and blends into a creamy texture when combined with butter and cream cheese, but this carrot cake recipe has an additional reduced-sugar secret. Kristy, the recipe developer of ‘Mommy Hates Cooking’ recipe blog, provides a link to the Splenda website for her very own low-sugar version of icing sugar. By blending Splenda sweetener in the food processor until it’s a fine powder, you have an instant sugar-free recipe for icing sugar. It is wonderful to know that even if you require a low-sugar or sugar-free diet, you can still have a decadent cake with creamy frosting.

Store-bought kids birthday cakes are so often loaded with sweet, sugary icing, that they are not only unhealthy but are sometimes a challenge to stomach. This old-fashioned carrot cake recipe would provide your kids with a tasty cake that’s lower in sugar and also incredibly delicious. This healthy carrot cake is so special because it allows everyone to enjoy dessert without the guilt.

When making the powdered sugar, it might be challenging to get your Splenda fine enough in the food processor, especially if the blades in your food processor don’t hit very low in the bowl. If you prefer, you could blend the Splenda in batches in a coffee or spice grinder, or use a high-powered blender, which can break down most things into a fine texture. Thank you to Kristy, the author of ‘Mommy Hates Cooking’ recipe blog, for teaching us how to make her easy reduced sugar old fashioned carrot cake recipe. **

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