Step by Step Make A Mexican Pizza

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Mexican and pizza? Two of my favourite foods in one! Here is a Step by Step to Make A Mexican Pizza! Over time, I have noticed Mexican and Italian dishes to bare some kind of resemblance, for example, they both have the use of tomato sauces, cheeses, cilantro is used in Mexican cooking like parsley is used a lot in Italian cooking. They both always use the freshest of ingredients and never spare anything when it comes to expressing flavours. So this pizza would be the best of both worlds, all the flavours of Mexican cuisine on a pizza crust! How fun!

The reason Jamie, at Love Bakes Good Cakes food blog did this post is because it was about dairy consumption and raising awareness on how a lot of people don't get enough dairy in their diets. This was particularly endorsed by the Arizona Milk producers, because they were finding that at food banks people weren't getting dairy because it is not a food that would last well in the food bank donations. So the people who rely on food banks are not able to afford dairy and they weren't getting it in their food bank baskets, so they decided that it would be a great idea to partner up with a local baseball team and local farm to get some cheese and other dairy products donated to these people.

I think this is an awesome idea to donate dairy products to people in need. Since the dairy industry produces way more products than can really be consumed by the population that buys them, it is also a great way to reduce waste of these precious resources that cows work so hard to produce. It is definitely something that should just be donated anyway if it doesn't get sold, in my opinion. Less waste, and happy nourished people. Head over to 'Love Bakes Good Cakes' for great recipe and more, by following the link in the section below!

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