These Biodegradable Burial pods can turn Cemeteries into Forests

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Read on to find out how these biodegradable burial pods can turn cemeteries into forests.

Have you ever wondered how you could give yourself back to the earth once you have passed? More and more, people are choosing to not be buried in remove graveyards, far from families and loved ones. And cremation does not appeal to everyone.

As the earth’s population explodes, the need to find burial solutions is becoming more important and urgent. One company has a possible solution.

The company, capsula mundi, has designed large, pod-like structures made from environmentally-friendly plastic that can hold a person’s remains once they have passed. The pod can be planted in the ground where it deteriorates naturally over time. If a plant, such as a tree is placed over the pod, the deceased person’s body can provide nutrients to the tree as it grows.

Families can visit a living tree that is growing as a result of that person they love being buried in a pod that deteriorates in the ground. Rather than a cement gravestone, a beautiful and sustainable tree, chosen for its natural surroundings can be visited instead. Rather than standing in the hot sun next to a gravestone, families can gather beneath the cooling shade of a tree, one that their loved person is nurturing beyond their physical life.

This possible alternative for burial may not appeal to everyone. But for people who are concerned about being environmentally friendly, and who do not want their bodies infused with embalming fluids, and who are looking to give back to the earth from beyond their human life, this may be a positive solution for them.

Go to the website now where you can view photos of the pods, see how they work, and even watch a video explanation of the entire process. Family members who are considering end of life options might be encouraged to look at this alternative with you. Take the time to find out how these burial pods work as well as many other possible solutions today.

Find out more about these burial pods and many other ideas at the website, Inhabitat, by following the link below.

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