This is Julia Childs Kitchen. See Why Its Perfect.

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If you are a fan of Julia Child and all she did in her life, than you will be excited to see this. This is Julia Child’s Kitchen, See Why It’s Perfect. With all things Julia Child accomplished in her life, especially with her remarkable accomplishments in the culinary realm, it’s no wonder she also had the perfect kitchen to work in. The plans of her kitchen, which she helped to design, the way she wanted it, are in this post on Vox. The National Museum of American History proudly showcases the plans of her kitchen from 1961 from her home in Cambridge, Massachusetts, showing people what a true chef has for a kitchen.

The kitchen was actually set up on display as a recreation of the original, for an exhibit on food, and featured a lot of the same qualities she had in her very own kitchen! How interesting to be able to walk through it and imagine her cooking in it, or the one just like it in her very own home. She had a lot of features that just weren’t very usual at the time. She insisted on having all of her cookware hanging on peg board, so that she could see where everything was and have it all organized. This makes perfect sense that she would have this, because a very large part of cooking well is being organized.

This awesome article on Vox, shows the wonderful plans of Julia’s kitchen and even a photo of her in her actual kitchen that the display was based off of. She even had a professional stove and oven with a griddle on it and three different pantries! Such a wonderful memory capsule to be able to see! Head over to ‘Vox’ to see more by following the link in the description below.

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