Toasted Coconut Cookie Dough Bites

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These toasted coconut cookie dough bites, from the girl who ate everything website, are a sweet and delicious snack that is quickly made up from things you may already have in your kitchen cupboard. These cookies are not baked, so there is a bit of a caution! about eating raw flour. Even flour that has been pasteurized may contain bacteria that could make you sick from eating it. It is always better to eat flour that has been cooked, and is not raw. That is why bakers, when they taste test their ingredients for the balance of sugar and salt, spit the dough out and do not swallow it.

This recipe also calls for toasted coconut. Toasting nuts mellows their flavors and also makes them richer and more buttery. Coconut when toasted becomes softer and sweeter. You can toast coconut two ways. One way is just to toss it over the stove, preferably in your cast iron pan, but without adding anything to it. Watch carefully! These can burn very quickly. The second method is to bake the coconut in the oven in a moderate temperature of about 350F. The temperature does not really matter, and hotter or cooler simply means a faster or slower period for toasting. What is important is to pay attention to ensure they do not burn, which, again, can happen very quickly with coconut.These little gems include chocolate chips and toffee chips so they are sure to appeal to little ones.

Because they are not cooked they are made up quickly. Little hands can help either by test tasting the chocolate chips or the toffee or possibly stirring the mixture if they are big enough.If you have never tried chocolate chips that are organic and also allergy sensitive (and so do not include things like nuts, soya, and so on) try some. They are about the same cost as no name chocolate chips and their flavor is much better. Once you try them, you will likely always purchase this kind over other brands.Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, The Girl Who Ate Everything, by following the link below.

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