Toasted Pecan Turtle Clusters

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This recipe uses some neat short cuts to make these pretty little Toasted Pecan Turtle Clusters. They are nice enough to consider for holiday baking, and yummy enough to give away as party favors or even full scale gifts to friends. These little treats come together quite quickly, and there are even some fun variations that you could add in order to make a nice variety to serve. We all know and love the layered treat that is Turtles. They have pecans on the bottom, then a caramel layer that is smothered in chocolate. Here caramels and pre formed chocolate discs will help you make this dessert, treat, or gift idea quickly. Of course, you could make the caramel from scratch. There are even recipes on this web site, Hugs & Cookies XOXO, if you would like to prepare more of this treat as a home made goodie, rather than an assembly of pre bought ingredients.

On the other hand, having bought every thing pre-assembled and prepared means that the kids can help out with this treat. Be careful to not let them work with things that have just come out of the microwave, and might be too hot to handle, but other than that, they should be good to go with this snack. Pecans are a nice nut and contribute to a unique flavor in turtle clusters. They are sweet and tender. Here they are also toasted. Toasting dries nuts out, and with walnuts, takes out their some what bitter aftertaste. For pecans, which are sweet no matter what, it makes them a bit drier, which offers a nice contrast to the caramel and chocolate.

Try these when ever you have the time and inclination. They are a cheap and affordable, quick and easy, way to make the turtles. The results can be pretty enough to give away as gifts during the holiday season, and the kids can even help make them. Have lots of fun making these special indulgences.

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