Ultimate Swedish Meatballs

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Everyone loves a good pasta with meat balls, or maybe just pasta on it's own! If you love meatballs, than you will totally love this recipe for Ultimate Swedish Meatballs! These swedish meatballs are a spin off of the awesome Ikea meatballs that you can get from their in store restaurant. I am not sure if they still serve them as there were some complaints that their meat wasn't all beef and was coming from other farm animals like horses. Now you can be sure of the meat that is in your meatballs and even make it with a leaner meat like chicken or turkey. This is an adaptation on the classic meatball recipe, with apologies to Ikea from the author.

These Ultimate Swedish Meatballs would be awesome over some pasta like linguine or spaghetti, or just eaten on their own as a side with some rice and salad perhaps. Or maybe as a meal all on their own as the author writes, she just ate them as is, and ate the sauce like a nice creamy soup. Why not right? Go for it if you want to! I think it would be awesome with some nice soft, fresh bread to dip in the sauce! That would make a great meal.

It would also be a great dish to bring to a party, you could put the meat balls on fancy tooth picks and serve them on a plate, or serve a bunch up in a bowl as a side. People would just love them , and be reminded of the great meatballs they used to have at Ikea that may be no longer available. Try it out on your family and see how much they love it, and bookmark it or pin it on Pintrest for later! Head over to ' The Londoner' by following the link in the section below!

Nutrition Facts for: Ultimate Swedish Meatballs From The Londoner
Ingredients: Ground pork, butter, flour, chicken stock, mustard, Worcestershire sauce, honey, heavy cream, salt, pepper, parsley.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for servings. * Per Serving: Calories 493, Calories from Fat 328, Total Fat 36.4g 56%, Saturated Fat 20.9g 105%, Cholesterol 203mg 68%, Sodium 695mg 29%, Potassium 617mg 18%, Carbohydrates 5.8g 2%, Dietary Fiber 0.5g 2%, Sugars 2.7g, Protein 35.3g, Vitamin A 26%, Vitamin C 3%, Calcium 8%, Iron 11%

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