Vampire Mouth Sandwich Cookies

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You will Win at Halloween With These Vampire Mouth Sandwich Cookies. The kids will just love them—and love making them with you, too. They begin with a homemade chocolate cookie that you then cut. There is another home made cream cheese filling that you color red with a bit of food coloring in order to create the interior mouth for the cookies. And, finally, get loads of mini marshmallows to help you shape the teeth. Pop another cookie on top, and voila! Vampire Mouth Sandwich Cookies. What could be better?

Halloween has a rich and varied history that contains both myth and fact. It is a time when people often gathered to ward off evil spirits that they believed might be roaming the earth. There are plenty of tall tales about what can also happen to people on this night, but mostly, in my experience, kids get lots of candy and go home and eat it until they are sick enough of it to wait another year to collect another bag of the yummy stuff. Vampires, witches, ghosts and goblins are all part of the fun, and some people really go out to ensure that passersby get a real kick out of the decorations, sounds, creatures and other surprises that they have set out on their lawns and put up on their doors.

These cookies will be pretty big. You may want to cut them in half before serving them up. The kids won’t be happy, but you might be when you realize how many mini marshmallows are in every cookie! Be sure to make these cookies with the kids. Regardless of their visual outcome, you and the kids will have a real blast making them.

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