1 Ingredient 5 Minute Natural Oven Cleaner

Photo Credit: Melissa K. Norris

You can get a sparkling clean oven without chemicals using this 1 Ingredient 5 Minute Natural Oven Cleaner. Natural oven cleaning is a safe and very effective way to clean your oven from all of the layers of cooked on, baked on grime and grease. We use our ovens a lot, sometimes more than once a day depending on what kinds of meals and recipes you are preparing. So its no wonder that our ovens get really dirty over time. If you have ever read any of the labels on the cleaning products we use, you will be very aware of how many chemicals are in some of them. Why are we using these chemicals to clean the places where we will put our food? Of course we want to keep our kitchens clean from bacteria, especially if we are preparing any animal products like meat or eggs. These foods can leave traces of harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness when we don't practice cleanliness in the kitchen. People think that only the harshest of chemicals will get rid of the bacteria left behind, but that is not true. There are all natural germ killing cleaners like white vinegar and baking soda, that are very effective in cleaning any bacteria that has been left behind.

You can make a spray out of equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and this will do the trick just fine on its own, or you can add a few drops of 100% therapeutic grade essential oil like lemon or lime and that will also help to kill any bacteria as well as give you some good aromatherapy. So after you have been preparing meat or using eggs in a recipe, just take your homemade cleaner and spray down the area well. Let the solution sit for a little while, a minute or a few minutes, and then take a rag and wipe it up. Always make sure you wash your hands after preparing and cleaning up after meat preparation too as some of those germs can still linger around. Cleaning your oven with this great one ingredient natural oven cleaner will also help to get rid of any harmful bacteria that may be left behind in your oven. All you need for this natural oven cleaning method is one ingredient and five minutes of your time. This great method from Melissa's blog will make cleaning your oven as easy and safe as possible and proves that you can clean and oven without chemicals.

Thank you so much to Melissa K. Norris for this great tutorial, make sure you head over to her website to find out the amazing ingredient she uses for this home remedy that makes cleaning your oven as easy as can be. Melissa also shares other great information on her website that helps people to live a natural and simple life. She shares her excellent tips on being frugal and even some awesome recipes that are all from scratch.*

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