1 Ingredient to Save Money on Window Cleaning Services this Spring!

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Want to save money on window cleaning services and keep your windows spotless for months? This window cleaning hack: How to Have Spotless Windows for Months is one that every one should know when it comes to house cleaning tips and tricks. Not everyone is great at cleaning windows and by the time spring comes around we consider hiring window cleaning services. Whether its the inside windows or the outside windows it can be a big project and some people just end up doing the outside windows a couple of times a year since they cannot justify the cost of window cleaning services. You may be someone who will hire window cleaning services and you can sit back and let the window cleaning professionals clean the windows and save yourself the time. If this is not possible for you however, when it comes to doing your window cleaning you want to use a window cleaning product that will keep your windows clean for as long as possible and give the professional touch of window cleaning services. You don't want to drag out the ladder more than twice a year if you don't have to. A good window cleaning hack that will keep your windows looking good is the Rain-X 2 In 1 window cleaner plus rain repellent. This is one of the best house cleaning tips and tricks you will find for window cleaning. This house cleaning tips and tricks for window cleaning will have your windows looking clean after storms and lots of rain. You can even use this window cleaning product on your vehicles and shower doors. This is a window cleaning tip you won't want to forget.

When it comes to window cleaning simple house cleaning tips and tricks to follow to avoid streaks is not to clean the windows when the sun is shining. Window cleaning when the sun is shining can cause the window cleaning solutions to dry too quickly. Also to avoid lint residue, try wiping the windows with newspaper instead of paper towels or cloths. A simple homemade non toxic window cleaning solution can be made with equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle. You will find other simple eco friendly cleaning supplies you most likely in your kitchen from baking soda to lemons. Vinegar is one of the most popular eco friendly cleaning supplies you might consider. You want the vinegar to be 100-percent pure, distilled white vinegar.

Although you will not find window cleaning services using only vinegar, a lot of DIYers will find this product a great all round cleaner. Not only is white vinegar an ingredient you can use in a variety of recipe ideas, but it serves as an effective non-toxic, eco friendly cleaning supplies and all-natural cleaning solution in your home. White vinegar has a wide range of uses, like removing odors from rooms, cleaning light fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms, removing spills and stains from carpets, cleaning windows, and so much more. White vinegar is also one of several eco friendly cleaning supplies and non toxic cleaners that are good for removing odors. You can use this all natural home cleaning products by simply placing an open bowl of vinegar in any room where there might be bad odors at nighttime. In the morning, you can remove the bowl from the room the after the smell has dissipated. Another way you can use white vinegar for nontoxic cleaning is in your sinks and garbage disposals to remove odors. Using vinegar as a non toxic window cleaner for your house can also save you money and help you to avoid hiring window cleaning services this spring.

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