10 American Foods that are BANNED in other countries.

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The laws that countries have can sometimes seem strange until we examine our own. For an interesting read, look at these 10 American Foods that are BANNED in other countries. That is pretty strong language, banned. But you might want to read the list before you head overseas and get tossed in prison for importing illegal pureed carrots. And before you start laughing, it is not as far fetched as you might think.Countries debate all the time whether certain chemicals should be banned or not. The research is often very good, but also controversial. For example, it took years to ban BHA and BHT, and they actually are still not banned in the USA. Other countries, including Canada and the EU, no longer allow them to be used in foods or in other things. Yet, in the USA this chemical can still be found.

The issue for the most part revolves around the level of risk. If we eat or are exposed to some chemical, how likely is it to cause us harm? Or, what kind of harm can it impose? If the harm is temporary, like sugar that causes a spike in our blood, should we ban its use? Or do we need to see more long term effects of the product? These issues are sometimes more easily determined at the level of the individual, and so in the USA, that is often how it is left. The individual can choose to use or consume the product as long as it carries the necessary warnings so that the consumer is informed about the issue. In other countries governments choose to go further, believing in a mandate to actively move to protect citizens from goods that have been deemed possibly dangerous or injurious to our health. Read the article today, to see what kinds of issues are raised. You can have a great debate around the supper table tonight about what you and your family think.

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