10 Baby Animals Who Really Really Love Their Vegetables

Photo Credit: The Kitchn

Animals love to eat! And isn't it so cute to see them do it? Here are 10 Baby Animals Who Really, Really Love Their Vegetables! You will swoon at these little tiny babies nibbling on their fresh veggies, there is something so cute about little animals eating. Or baby animals doing anything really! Why is it that we love baby animals so much? Do they remind us of our own innocence and childlike wonder? Whatever the reason, people of all ages, love baby animals, and watching them just be cute no matter what they are doing! Check out these cuties on The Kitchn and be prepared for a cuteness overload!

Animals eat a wide variety of things, some are vegetarian, some eat meat. Some even eat insects for meals! These 10 adorable baby animals from all kinds of species, show us just how cute they are when they eat! They absolutely all love vegetables so much and seem to just think they are like candy! It's great when people give their pets vegetables, it shows they are interested in their nutrition. Even dogs will eat certain vegetables and its great for their overall health. Cats don't seem too interested usually in vegetables, but they can be kind of fussy creatures in all regards too.

The food that is bought at pet stores is not always the healthiest for our beloved pets. Some brands tend to be full of filler and of chemicals and preservatives. Grains that don't process well in the animal's stomachs, and lots of other things that are just not good for them. We have to remember, that before pets were pets, they come form a long line of animals that were thriving in the wild. They didn't have boxed or canned food when they were hungry, they foraged and hunted when they needed to eat.

This is why it's wonderful if animals, like these little guys can be given as much fresh and raw natural food as possible. Just like it's healthier for us to eat food that comes from the earth, it's also healthier for animals too. I love this little bunny eating the carrot! Its almost taller than he is! Or the little sweet monkey nibbling away at his corn on the cob! There IS even a cat that is chewing on some lettuce! How cute is that?! Head over to 'The Kitchn' and see what all the fuss is about with these little ones. Just follow the link in the description below!

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