10 CHEAP and EASY Crockpot Recipes

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Here are 10 Crockpot Recipes Under $5 Easy Meals Your Family Will Love! So try some of these recipes out soon. Perhaps you could make one each day, and compare them at the end of two weeks to see which ones your family enjoys and prefers most. Then you could make it again! A crock pot is such a useful tool to own. It makes meals quick to put together and because you cook things for some time (normally) in a crock pot, flavors come together really beautifully and your meal is always a smash hit.

Here there are multiple quick, easy, and balanced recipes that you will want to try out on your family from barbecue meats to flavorful beans to other meals. You can try chile made this way, or beans, or chicken or other meat dishes. There is even a recipe for tacos here. So there are plenty of things to make that are cheap and easy. Your kids can even make some of these recipes, and certainly your older, and aspiring cook will want to test out his or her culinary skills with these great recipes. Most of the recipes can be made for either lunch or dinner, so plan accordingly. Of course, if you make extra for dinner tonight, then you have lunch already to go tomorrow.

Try any or all of these recipes. They are so quick and easy and made in a crock pot means little fuss or muss and even less clean up. Nothing is expensive, either, but the results made in a crock pot can be truly delicious. Even baked potatoes, in addition to soups, stews, sauces, and dips—to name just a few things you can make in a crock pot—can me cooked in this amazing piece of equipment. Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Living On A Dime, by following the link below.

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