10 Clean home tips that professional cleaning services would NEVER miss

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If you are not someone who hires house cleaning services, particularly professional cleaning services, then it still doesn't hurt to learn the clean home tips and tricks that these professional cleaning services have up their sleeves. These 10 clean home tips from the Soccer Mom blog are ones that professional cleaning services would NEVER miss and neither should you.

The first place that professional cleaning services would never miss is the refrigerator. These little tips are some of the best refrigerator cleaning tips. How to disinfect refrigerator on the outside (as well as the inside). If you have small kids around with greasy fingers from who knows where you will want to use a soft rag with mild detergent or a natural household cleaner to gently wipe it down. A great way to get into the inside of the fridge is to actually dismantle the inside by taking out all the food and wiping down the jars and then scrubbing the racks and plastic bits with disinfectants.

Did you know that many people keep up a clean microwave with lemon! Of course you do not have to use lemon, but it works well. Whatever way you decide to clean your microwave, although it always feels like a pain, this is the kind of cleaning that will take your cleaning from standard to pro. If the microwave has a round carousel, simply remove this tray and wipe down the inside with a warm soapy scrub brush. Use a damp paper towel to wipe out any bits of food particles and wash the tray in the sink like a dish.

For kitchen trash cans, particularly large kitchen trash cans - if you have access to the outdoor and a hose, this my favorite way to clean this household item that can often get pretty smelly with bits of food or leaks from the bag. Take any of your kitchen trash cans outside and put a squirt of dawn soap or your other dish soap. Then add about 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Grab your hose and fill the trash can with a few inches of water. Let sit for 15-20 minutes. Then with your dish gloves on you can scrub up the inside walls of the trash can. If you do not have a hose or outdoor area in your home, you can do this same thing in the shower for easy cleaning. Ideally, it is a sunny day and you can let the trash can air dry before putting a new bag in.

A great coffee machine cleaning solution is a bit of white vinegar and baking soda. You can soak the coffee pot in water, vinegar and baking soda and then scrub clean. To clean the inside of the maker a great coffee machine cleaning solution is to run a 'fake' pot of coffee with water and vinegar. Basically this just means pour the water and vinegar into where you would normally just pour water. Do not add any coffee and press 'start' to run a regular coffee cycle. After doing this I like to run a plain water through once to be sure there is no leftover taste of vinegar. For other great clean home tips that professional cleaning services would NEVER miss check out the Soccer Mom blog link below for great ideas an all sorts of house cleaning tips and tricks if you browse her site. **

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