10 Cleaning Secrets From People Who Love to Throw Parties

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If you love to throw parties, you will want to take a look at these house cleaning tips and tricks for parties. Throwing a party typically means loads of dirty dishes, cups are strewn across every surface and a red wine spill or two as common messes found in the post-party home. But with that said you don't want to avoid having a party just because clean up can be such a hassle. With a little preplanning and these household cleaning tips, you can be ready to throw an epic party. And the clean up will be so easy that you will want to do it again and again. You will want to take a look at the list of 10 clean house tips for party success. The following are just some of the household cleaning tips on the site.

1. For starters, the best clean house tip is to embrace table cloths. Even if you love your table and want to show it off, a good idea for parties is to always use a tablecloth. This ensures that no drinks get spilled and damage the beautiful woodwork. But a tablecloth can be fun; you might even use a themed table cloth or cloth. The best thing about table cloths is they are a great clean house tip because when the party is over, you can simply pick up the cloth, shake it out and throw it in the laundry, with no wipe down necessary.

2. Always empty your dishwasher beforehand. One thing that is sure to ruin your house clean up is a dishwasher that is full before the guests even arrive. Make sure that the dishwasher is empty, so you don't have to unload everything to put in the dirty stuff.

3. A good household cleaning tip is to not serve messy food. It's that easy, the less messy food there is, the less mess you'll have to clean. It is recommended to stick to bite-size portions that guests can pop into their mouth; you also want to serve fewer sauces, dips or meals that lead to spills.

4. Pour your guest drinks as they arrive. Instead of having poured glasses placed out for everyone when they arrive, it's a good idea to use a glass drink dispenser when possible. This clean house tip makes it easier for people to choose their drink and helps to prevent glasses that aren't going to be used from getting dirty.

5. Create a soak zone. This is an area in the kitchen that uses a few dish bins filled with some warm soapy water in an out-of-the-way spot on the kitchen counter when the party is almost over. This creates a spot so guests can place their dirty dishes in, which in turn helps you avoid stacks of dirty plates later.

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