10 Cleaning Tasks You Can Tackle in 5 Minutes

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If you are limited on time and do not have a lot to spend on cleaning your home, the Good Housekeeping team at ‘Good Housekeeping’ website, has some house cleaning tips and tricks to make things easier for you. These house cleaning tips should make you feel like a pro, and you shouldn’t have to spend more than five minutes on either task. For example, rather than spending your time cleaning each room thoroughly, which you don’t have time for, instead walk around you home when you have five minutes to spare, and run a lint brush over each surface that gets dusty but is challenging to clean. This cleaning tip could apply to lampshades, hard-to-reach places like keyboards and upper shelves, or even just curtains and furniture.

Household cleaning tips are helpful for when you are feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start cleaning in your home. The fact is that cleaning the home is much easier in a smaller space, but if you live in a house with two or three floors, the process becomes even harder to bear, especially if you have other tasks to occupy your time throughout the weeks. Easy cleaning house tips, like using your dishwasher to wash everything other than dishes is a good way of cleaning the items that never get cleaned. By employing this cleaning method, you can have soap dishes, hairbrushes, and toys that kids might chew on cleaned without one run of the dishwasher. If you have wastebaskets around your home in bathrooms and bedrooms, running them through the dishwasher is an excellent way of freshening them up.

Decluttering you home is another way of cleaning your home and making it feel fresher. So often individuals aren’t using an item but feel it may come in handy later on, even though it is likely to go unused for years. Once a year, it is a good idea to go through your home and determine all the items you no longer need, like magazines and newspapers, clothing, or chipped mugs and plates. Consider having a garage sale to rid you of unwanted items or if they are excellent quality but no longer being used, give to charity or thrift stores. If your space is beginning to feel claustrophobic to you, the reason may also be how you have your home organized. Usually, when people have many extra things, they get stored in cupboards or closets and left to rest. Those same spaces could be useable for linens and clothing if it were freed up and would declutter your home completely. Even if you have just five free minutes to spend per day, consider deciding on a few stored items that you no longer need and soon your home will feel like an organized, comfortable space once again.

Cleaning your home has never been as simple as the Good Housekeeping team’s clean house tips. By employing their cleaning instructions, you can gradually feel better about your home by spending very little time. Their ideas are realistic, easy-to-manage cleaning tasks that everyone can accomplish in their homes. Thank you to the Good Housekeeping team for sharing their ten cleaning tasks you can tackle in 5 minutes.

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