10 cleaning tips for your whole house

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Streamlining your cleaning routine around the house can be a great way to save energy and time. You need to find a cleaning routine that works for you and that simplifies the entire cleaning process. There are some great cleaning tips out there, and The Family Handyman has some great ones. They share some simple life hacks and cleaning tips that will allow you to find the perfect routine for deep cleaning your home. Usually, when we're cleaning our houses, we just do a general clean of everything including dusting, vacuuming and washing floors. However, it's also important to do a deep clean of your home once in a while to get all of the excess dirt and dust out of your home to keep the air clean and healthy. Also, doing a deep clean of everything in your home will also ensure that you can keep your items looking and functioning like new. One of the places where a lot of dust and debris accumulates is in our air vents. Not only can this reduce the efficiency of our furnace vent fans, but in rare cases, it has also been known to be a fire hazard. So it's very important to clean out the grates and the openings near our vents. You can easily clean them using this simple life hack. Remove the filter grate off the front of the vent and wash it in your sink or bathtub. Then take your vacuum and attach a long PVC pipe to it to extend the hose. Then just vacuum up any dust in the vent.

You can also turn the thermostat to fan on and leave it on for 15 minutes to blow out any excess dust lingering in the vents. You can also do this with your bathroom fans as well if the vent covers can be removed. Cleaning our windows is another deep cleaning chore that most people don't enjoy doing but if you set up a routine and follow some simple life hacks, you can make that job a lot easier too. It's great to clean your windows at least once per year if not twice a year if they get really dirty. If you find that your regular glass cleaning product isn't taking care of more intense stains on your windows like sap from trees or bug splatters, use a gentle abrasive cleanser like Soft Scrub, with a soft cloth. You could also use baking soda if you want to keep it all natural. Just be sure to test a small area to make sure it won't scratch your glass.

If you find you have some rust in your sink, bathtub, shower or toilet, and regular cleaning isn't cutting it, use a cleaner with an acid in it. If you're okay using chemical products, you can find cleaners with hydrochloric acid or hydrogen chloride in them, but you can also use citric acid or white vinegar. Vinegar also makes a great natural cleaner to use on hard water stains so you can also make an all-purpose cleaner out of it to use in your bathroom. Our furniture is another place where dust can settle, and even if you're vacuuming it regularly, it won't get rid of all the dust. One of the simple life hacks you can try is to take your cushions off of your furniture and take them outside. Then take a tennis racket to beat the dust out of the furniture cushions. When your wooden furniture looks a little worse for wear, you can try this cleaning tip instead of refinishing it. Simply clean your wood furniture with some mineral spirits. Try out these cleaning tips and more from The Family Handyman.***

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