10 hacks to make cleaning easier than ever (3 work while you sleep!)

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Cleaning is not always something we look forward to, but we do it anyway because it needs to be done. It will all be easier with these awesome cleaning tips from Today.com though and in some cases, in less time than how you did your cleaning before. Some of these cleaning tips even work overnight while you sleep, making your life a whole lot easier. Plus, each of these cleaning tips uses all natural cleaners instead of the conventional chemical cleaners you may have used before. You can actually make all of your own cleaning products at home with items you probably already have around. Ingredients like white distilled vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, salt and rubbing alcohol all work great as natural cleaners, and some of them can be used together to create even more cleaning potential. The best part is, since these are all natural ingredients, the chances of them causing any harm to anything or anyone are slim to none. But always be careful when trying out new cleaners and do a test area first before you do the entire area. Here are some of the genius cleaning tips from Today.com, so get a pen and paper and jot a few of these down, or save this link on Pinterest or in your browser for future reference.

1. Cleaning blinds is probably one of the most tedious jobs in the home, but this cleaning tip will help make it much easier. Get a clean sock and put it on your hand much like you would if you made a sock puppet out of it. Then make a solution out of equal parts of vinegar and water and dip the sock in to get it damp. Then pinch each slat of the blind between your fingers and wipe across the whole slat. Repeat for all of the slats in your blind.

2. Let your blender do the work and clean itself. After you've used your blender to make a smoothie, hummus or soup, just fill it halfway with warm water, and add in a few drops of your usual dish soap. Then run the blender through on high for at least 30 seconds. You can also pulse it to reach anything stuck on the upper sides of your blender. Then, just rinse out the soapy water and dry with a clean towel. Just be sure to do this hack right after you use the blender so that the food doesn't become to encrusted on the blender pitcher.

3. Clean your oven while you sleep, or rather, let ammonia clean your oven while you sleep. Just pour a ¼ cup of ammonia into an oven-safe bowl, with the oven off, place the bowl into the oven and let it sit there overnight. The fumes in the ammonia actually work to break down all of the hardened on grime and gunk, so it's super easy to wipe off in the morning.

4. Make your sweater or t-shirt look brand new again. Just take a new, dry razor and shave off the little pills on the piece of clothing. Test an area first to see how it affects the specific fabric you're using it on.

5. Get your baking pans nice and clean by placing a dryer sheet in the middle of them and fill them up with warm water. Allow the water and dryer sheet to sit overnight on the baking sheet and in the morning all of the stuck on gunk will be much easier to remove.

Those are just some of the awesome cleaning tips you'll find on the list. Try out all 10 and see how well they work for you.***

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