10 Minute Creamy Butter Herb Pasta

Photo Credit: Half Baked Harvest

Like many of you readers out there, I live a busy life that requires juggling business, family and the creation of healthy quick meals. I know that some of you will scoff when you hear someone talking about pasta being a healthy meal, but as a nutritionist, my belief is that if in moderation and paired with plenty of high fiber veggies and good oils, pasta can be very healthy part of a weekly diet. I would not recommend eating it every single day, but it sure is great in a pinch and is, in my opinion, the best place to splash/pour on a nice healthy dose of high quality extra virgin olive oil (good fat!) and some minced garlic (good for the heart!).

So this yummy dish from the Half Baked Harvest is for a yummy creamy butter herb pasta that takes just 10 minutes to make. There is some egg addition (good protein), some fresh herbs (good healing properties) and just a couple of other ingredients..8 in total if you include the salt and pepper. As you will see in the actual recipe, the basic instructions are relatively fool proof and simple to remember if you are lacking your recipe book or your iPad. While the pasta is boiling, in a separate bowl you whisk together the eggs, herbs and parmesan. When the pasta is cooked and drained you then mix the eggs medley and let the still hot pasta cook the eggs and create a yummy sauce.

If you don't plan to go anywhere that day, one other little variation that is yummy is to mince (and I mean MINCE) a clove of garlic and toss it into when you add the eggs. Mm...that super fresh garlic flavor is so yummy. So head on over to the link below to the 'Half Baked Harvest' website for the full list of ingredients and beautiful photos of this recipe.

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