10 Minute Italian Zucchini Noodle Skillet with Sausage

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Whenever you can find a recipe that calls for a ten minute total prep and cooking time then make sure you add that recipe to your easy Italian recipes folder. Italian menu ideas are as plentiful as the ocean is deep. With all these wonderful Italian dinner ideas it is not difficult to come up with one that you and your diners will love. Italian food is both simple and flavorful. This recipe is a definite candidate for your easy Italian recipes file. Donna brings zucchini to the forefront and adds them to this meal as a form of noodle.

Zucchini is a robust vegetable that is included in many Italian menu ideas. They are wonderful to cook with since they keep their consistency even after boiling, steaming or roasting. This recipe from Donna finds them being used as a noodle and if you are not a fan of pasta then this is the meal that you can add to your Italian dinner ideas file and you can make it in 10 minutes so you will not spend half the day over a hot stove. Finding recipes that contain protein and veggies and are easy to make and are a great way to get a good meal to your diners and still keep your kitchen time to a minimum.

Sausage is a great way to add protein to your diet and they are also a great way to add flavor to any meal. This specific recipe calls for chicken sausage to be used but with the wide variety of sausages and the different meats used your choices are wide and varied. Sausages are usually encased in intestines. These intestines can be from cows, usually the most used, or from pig and even lamb. Any intestines work since they are just tubes for the meat and once cooked this membrane is easily digested. Many recipes out there especially one called tripe is actually made from the intestines of animals. The ingredients that can be added range from onions; garlic, cheese and many others the options are up to you and your local butcher. The most frequently used part of the animal to make sausages is the shoulder. This is used since it was a cheaper cut and was loaded with marbled meat. Vegetarians are not left out since there are varieties of them made with tofu and soy protein. You can find all of them in recipes for everything under the sun including soup and sauces.

Zucchini is from the squash family and is a common vegetable found all over the United States and the rest of North America. It is an original North American veggie and was not used as much until it found its way back to Italy via the explorers who brought them back. The word zucchini is a take on two Italian words. Zucca and Ina are the words, zucca meaning squash and Ina meaning small. Zucchini is the plural form of Zucchina.Thanks to Donna of The Slow Roasted Italian Blog for this yummy 10 Minute Italian Zucchini Noodle Skillet with Sausage Recipe and bon apetit.**

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