10 Minute Microwave Caramels

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Thank you to Danelle, author of ‘Let’s Dish’ recipe blog, for showing us the way to make caramels in her easy ten minute microwave easy caramel recipe. For timid candy makers, this easy caramel recipepe is the way to go. It involves six ingredients cooked to a creamy consistency in the microwave and then poured into a baking dish to set. There are caramel recipes for soft candies or firm and toffee-like ones. This easy caramel recipe uses two sugars, brown for colour and molasses flavour, and white for its signature sweetness. The best thing about this fast easy caramel recipe is that you can make them the way you like them by adjusting your microwave timings. The author notes the times to give you both soft and firmer caramels but advises to err on the side of softer caramels since all microwaves heat differently.

Caramel can vary from being a sauce to a butter toffee or a crunchy Brule topping on a dessert. The unifying factor between these is a pleasing taste of lightly burnt sugar. What makes this easy caramel recipe different from all of its relations is that some fat, like butter or milk, comes into play with sugar to create a chewy textured caramel. In this case, the microwave caramel recipe uses condensed milk. Condensed milk is milk that has had all its water removed so that it is very thick and then it’s sweetened. Condensed milk becomes a creamy caramel sauce called dulce de leche after boiling for a very long time, and it's almost as delicious as this ten minute microwave caramel recipe. Condensed milk is wonderful for candy making due to its thick and sweetened nature.

This chewy easy caramel recipe is super easy, and as a result, dangerous to all caramel lovers around. Danelle advises to line your baking pan with greased foil, but parchment paper is wonderful to use as well. Just overlap two squares of parchment paper so that a flap hangs over each side of the pan. The flaps will allow you to lift the caramels out of the pan to a cutting board and make cutting them easier. For cleaner edges, continuously run your knife under hot water, dry, and slice. Consider switching up the extracts, dipping and drizzling the caramels with chocolate, or garnishing with salt or nuts. Around Christmastime, peppermint extract and dark chocolate makes a tasty treat, or around Halloween, how about orange liquor and milk chocolate? For an elegant finish, dip the caramels into melted dark chocolate and garnish with flaked salt for a classic salted caramel combination. These options make this ten minute microwave caramel recipe even more worthwhile to try out.

Danelle knows her way around a kitchen and provides her readers with bread recipes, side dish recipes, appetizer recipes and more. For more tasty candy recipes, try Danelle’s best toffee ever recipe or cinnamon caramel recipe. Along with the ten minute microwave caramel recipe, Danelle’s chocolate bark recipes and truffle recipes are sure to make your dessert tray look like you’re a candy expert. Love caramel recipes? Be sure to also try a salted caramel recipe, caramel syrup and easy caramel sauce.*

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