10 Natural Ways to Kill Ants For Good

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Ants are one of those pests that seem to show up out of nowhere, and once they do you can't get rid of them fast enough. Once they show up, it seems like they are everywhere. And if you are like most people you don’t like to use harsh chemicals, especially if you have pets you want to use something that is natural or organic. You'll want to take a look at the Mental Scoop site for a list of ten DIY ideas for ant control and pest control. All ten diy ideas for ant control should work, the one you use will depend on what you have available. The following are just some of the diy ideas for ant control that you will find on the site.

1. Baking soda is poisonous to ants, so you want to sprinkle this for ant control around your plants to help ensure ants will stay away. Combine one part of baking soda with one part powdered sugar. YOu can use a 3/4 tablespoon of each and mix them directly in the jar lid. This diy idea for ant control works because the sugar attracts the ants, and then the baking soda is what kills the ants. This mixture reacts with the acid in the ant's digestive system, and they explode. You can place this ant control mixture in strategic locations and wait for the baking soda to do the job. You can use a jar lid or something similar to help keep the mixture contained, or you can place the natural mixture directly on the surface where the ants are prevalent.

2. Flour and baby powder. This diy idea for ant control will keep the ants from reaching your plants. This diy idea works because the ants will not cross the baby powder or flour, so you want to circle your plants with it.

3. Coffee ground, chili powder, black pepper, cinnamon or peppermint organic essential oil. All of these methods for DIY ideas deter ants, and if you pour the coffee grounds directly onto an anthill, the ants will eat the coffee grounds and implode.

4. Grits, cream of wheat or instant rice. Use this DIY idea for ant control and sprinkle around plants. The ants will eat a piece of the food for whichever ant control ingredient you sprinkle, drink water and the grain will expand and kill the ant.

5. Vinegar. For this DIY idea for ant control, you can fill a spray bottle with one part of white vinegar with one part of water and then spray on plants. The acid in the vinegar is what will kill the ants. Vinegar is one of those ingredients that you always want to have around; you can use it for a wide variety of cleaning tips and DIY ideas. You can use vinegar in your laundry to help remove odors out of towels; vinegar can also be used in place of rinse aid in your dishwasher to help remove spots off of dishes. Vinegar is also a great natural solution for ant control. Like chalk, white vinegar works by destroying the ants’ pheromone trails. You watch this effect in action by spraying a mixture of vinegar and water in a circle around a group of marching ants. Because the vinegar disrupts the ant's pheromones, ants also hate the smell of the vinegar. Spray the vinegar around doors and windows or any other places where ants might enter your home to keep them out. Of course, the mixture will evaporate over time and will need to be reapplied daily to be effective. You will find these DIY ideas for ant control at the Mental Scoop site. On the site, you will find DIY ideas, ant control, pest control, gardening, food ideas, interesting facts and so much more. **

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