10 Overhead Playgrounds in Your Home for Your Cats!

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We all love our furry feline friends, and if you have a kitty of your own, you might be interested in fun cat toys to make at home or these awesome 10 Overhead Playgrounds in Your Home for Your Cats from Goldtatze. Cat play is so important for our cats and kittens. Cats are used to running around and expending a lot of energy and if they are indoor cats then it is even more important for them to have some fun toys and things to play on and get their exercise. The more you play with your cat, the better the bond will get between you as well. So if you have a cat that is misbehaving, clawing, scratching, or biting at you or your other pets, it may be because they are not getting enough play time. Since cats are hunters, they are usually quite nocturnal meaning that they stay up all night. So if your indoor cat hasn't gotten enough play time to tucker them out by the end of the day, expect them to run around the house all night long and keep you up.

Just like humans, cats need connection and they like to bond with their humans, so even spending time petting them or brushing them at the end of the day is a great way to show them some love. Or get out the feather toys or the laser pointer and let them go wild. Cats love chasing things and they love different types of stimulation, so make sure you have a few different types of toy on hand so that they can have some variation. There are also toys to make for cats as well. Toys to make for cats could include a simple piece of string on a stick, or a piece of tin foil on a string, or some more fancy ones like carpeted tree towers that the cats can play with and perch on.

Bonding with your pets also has benefits for you too. It has been scientifically proven that the purring sound that a cat emanates has very healing vibrations that are shown to reduce stress in the human as well as the cat. The act of taking care of another living being is also really wonderful for reducing stress and anxiety, the bod created between an animal and a human is just as strong as any connection you could have. Some people even feel like their pets understand them more than other humans do. Our pets console us when we are sad and they love us unconditionally as well. Having something stable like that in your life is a wonderful feeling to have. So make sure you are incorporating some fun cat play into each and every day and some bonding time with your feline friends. The amazing cat playgrounds and bridges from Goldtatze are out of this world.

The cool cat climbing furniture these guys make is absolutely incredible. There are bridges and hammocks for the cats to chill in and make their own personal fun zone. Cats love to be high up so ordering some of these wonderful components from the website could be very beneficial for an indoor or outdoor cat. You can design a whole playground for your cats to crawl around on and it would be quite entertaining to see them playing on the cat climbing furniture. One of the bridges costs around €94.85 for one of the more simple suspension ones and €289.95 for the more elaborate one with a basket hang out on it. The company sells these pieces of cat furniture through their website and they are delivered right to your home. So try out some of these fun bridges or make your own fun cat toys to make at home. Your kitty will love you for it.*

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