10 Reasons Why Every Home Should Have An Aloe Vera Plant

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Aloe vera plants are super nutritious. You might have seen them as pulp in the green translucent Aloe drinks in the supermarket. They are so nutritious and beneficial, that Natural Living Ideas suggests that every home should have an aloe vera plant. But first you need to know how to extract the nutritious aloe gel by yourself at home.

The common first step is to properly break off a piece of the plant. First, you should break a single aloe vera leaf thats close to the stem. Then put it on a a flat cutting board and nip off both ends with a knife as well as the thorny edge of the leaf. You can at this point see the gel between the top and bottom layers. The next step is to separate the layers and extract the gel. One way to do it is to place the leaf on the palm of one hand, and slide a sharp knife separating the bottom layer touching your hand from the the gel and the top layer. And do the same for the other layer. Make sure to use a very sharp knife and make sure to have a good grip on the skin. Then you should be left with a layer of translucent gel, which can be mixed in a drink.

Another way to extract the gel is to use a fruit peeler, and carefully peel off both skins. However, there is a minor drawback to this faster and more precise method - it leaves the yellowish aloe latex that is supposed to come off with the skin on top of the gel. And this yellow sap is not recommended for consumption, since it could lead to digestion problems. So rinse the gel in water to get rid of the sap.

Now you know how to extract the super nutritious aloe vera extract, visit Natural Living Ideas website link below to see the top 10 aloe vera benefits for health.

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