10 Sneaky Places Mold May Be Hiding in Your Home - Check Your electric toothbrush -

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Mould is pretty sneaky, and it can grow practically anywhere under the right conditions. Mould mainly grows in humid, damp and dark environments, so the key to keeping mould from growing is to keep your home from getting too humid and cleaning up any leaks or spills right away. While mould can grow in your shower, on your walls, and other areas of the home, it can also grow on your personal items and even appliances too. The dangers of mould in your home can be pretty significant if the mould is widespread, leading to allergies and respiratory issues. But if you carefully monitor your home and keep your belongings clean, you will reduce your chances of attracting and growing mould. There are also some cleaning tips from House Beautiful that will teach you how to clean up any mould if you find it. The slideshow on their website also teaches us how to check for mould so that it doesn't become too big of an issue. You may not be aware, but mould can grow in some pretty sneaky places, so after seeing all of the suggestions in the slide show, you might want to go check those items in your own home to make sure there's no mould growing there.

It turns out that your fridge can collect mould in its drip pans since they get moist over time. As we know, mould loves moisture so as the moisture collects mould spores will be attracted to the moisture and will start to reproduce. House Beautiful suggests using Clorox Disinfecting Wipes but if you'd prefer to use something more natural, just use some plain white distilled vinegar to clean the tray in your fridge. Another key place mould is found in the home is in the clothes washing machine. Especially the gasket of the washing machine when the door is not left open so that the machine can air out and dry out. To clean and prevent the mould, wipe down any the water that's collected on the glass door as well as the gasket after you do a load of laundry. Then leave the door open so the washing machine can properly air out. You can also run your laundry machine through the hottest, longest cycle with vinegar in the soap dispenser. This will deep clean the entire machine and get rid of any mould.

Also, if you've ever left any of your clothes in the washing machine for too long, you may notice that they develop a musty odour which would be mould or mildew growing on them. If this has happened to you, you need to wash them again. Just wash them on the hottest setting with some vinegar or bleach and make sure you dry them right away as soon as the washing cycle is complete. One of the strangest places that mould can grow that you probably would never suspect is in your electric toothbrush if you have one. The mould can actually grow in between the space between the head and the body of the toothbrush. Storing your toothbrush upright on your counter can prevent this, but you should be cleaning your toothbrush regularly too as well as changing the heads every few months. If you have kids, mould can also grow on their toys. If the toy has gotten wet and the water gets trapped inside the toy, it could have mould growing. House Beautiful says that it's important to clean your children's toys regularly to prevent this from happening. You can even put any plastic toys in the dishwasher and run it on a hot setting with some white vinegar to kill the fungus and to sanitize them. Try out these cleaning tips to prevent exposing yourself and your family to the dangers of mould in your home.***

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