10 Unusual Uses For Pencils

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I have found a renewed love for pencils. And so has this website, so why not take a look at the 10 unusual uses for pencils that they have compiled? It’s a lot of fun, and who knows? You may find these suggestions are valuable to you, too. Remember, we’re talking about the classic, originally lead-filled (now, graphite), tiny pink eraser on the end, pencil.

The pencil could arguably be said to be as old as the Romans. Scribes (specialists who could read and write, since only a few people had these two skills) would capture information on papyrus (ancient paper) using a metal rod. It is was and thin like a pencil. But it was in the mid-16th century when a large deposit of graphite was found in the UK. The graphite could easily leave a dark mark on surfaces, but was so soft it had to be contained in something to make it useable. The first pencil was a hollowed out piece of wood filled with graphite. From there, pencil making became more sophisticated and automated until we see the many forms of pencil that we have today. Pencils began to be made with erasers in the mid-1850s. The concept was developed in the USA, and by the early 1920s, most pencils had that cute little pink end holding an eraser.

This website makes smart, and sometimes hilarious, use of pencils that are made with that little pink eraser on the end, the classic pencil. One tip that is quite funny and probably useful is to use the eraser to hold pins and sharp-ended objects for sewing. A not bad idea if you don’t already have a pincushion or don’t need something as big as a pin cushion. Another idea is to use an old pencil to wind up tubes, for example, of toothpaste or lotion or other similar materials. There are lots of other ideas on the site, too, that can provide some fun, and informative reading. Check it out!

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