10 Ways to DIY the Best Fruit Water Ever

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Water is one of the most important things we can offer our bodies every day. Still it can get pretty boring trying to down the requisite three liters so here are 10 ways to DIY the best fruit water ever.

The addition of fruit (or even certain vegetables) makes the water look more inviting and taste much better. Adding chopped citrus can make the water tangy. Add whole small fruit such as blueberries and raspberries and watch how they bob up and down as you drink. Eat them last. Try slicing cucumber, oranges, other fruits and putting them on the edge of the glass. Or cut the fruit and run it around the edge of your glass. Every sip will be a memory or strawberries, lime, lemon, or whatever fruit you have chosen. Here are the 10 combinations this site offers.

Try cucumber and lime. The zip and zing of lime will complement the crunch of cucumber. Both have plenty of vitamin C and are low in calories.

What about lime, mint and raspberry? This tangy blend is also pretty to look at. The mint perfectly offsets the sharp flavors of lime and raspberry. Feel free to eat the fruits and herbs? They contain valuable nutrients with few calories.

Lemon and mint are an impossible combination that blends the bite of lemon with the more exotic fragrance of mint.

What about a multi-fruit experience in blueberries, orange slices and pomegranate seeds? Okay the seeds may take a few minutes to get out of the pomegranate, but thats half the fun. And their unique sour and dry flavor and texture contrasts beautifully against blueberry and orange.

The queen of summertime fruit, the strawberry, never gets old or tired. Chop it up and serve it all by itself. The bright red fruit with its sweet flavor is always a favorite.

Have fun with how you serve it up too. Put the whole thing into a large glass pitcher and use it as the centerpiece on your table. Kids will beg for it. Serve it up in glass jars with brightly colored straws (or those pretty little umbrellas) or put it into a wine glass.

Any way you choose to serve it you cannot go wrong. And youll have an easier time meeting your daily water quota and encouraging your family to meet theirs too.

Find out how to make this recipe and many others at the website, Pop Sugar, by following the link below.

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