10 Ways To Remove that Red Wine on Your White Shirt

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The infamous Red Wine Stain! Has this happened to you? You are wearing your favorite white dress or shirt, and you get bumped and there it is! That splotch of red. Why is it this never seems to happen when you are wearing black?

We all have a 'white-plus-red wine' story to tell, most of them are similar. You have a special event to go do, or you are heading off on vacation to a hot country and you want that specific article of white clothing. You spend hours shopping, and you finally find it. You get dressed and ready to out for your event. You arrive at the event, and the glasses of wine are poured. There you are mingling and making polite conversation. Then BAM! It happens. Somebody bumps your drink glass, and you glance down in dismay at the unsightly red blotch forming. The apologies happen; you say 'Oh that's OK' and in fact you are already wondering if your new favorite white item will ever be worn again.

Our featured article will give you ten suggestions how to tackle that stain. The success in any red wine stain removal method is that it the cleaning has to happen quickly. Once the stain sets, it is not so likely that you will be able to get it out. The ten methods are as follows.

1. We will mention the milk method first as this one I have personal experience with and had success!

To start, as quickly as you can, blot up any excess red wine with a paper towel or tea towel. DON'T rub it. Pour the milk onto the stain as soon as you can. Let the milk soak into the stain. If you submerge the part of the item of clothing with the stain in a small bowl of milk, this works as well. Just leave it. In an hour or so the stain should be gone.

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