10 Worst Sunscreens for Kids

Photo Credit: EWG

When it comes to healthy living, we all want to make sure that we are using the safest, healthiest products including sunscreen. Here are the 10 worst sunscreens for kids from Environmental Working Group. EWG has come out with their list of the least healthy sunscreens for 2016 so we can be more aware about the types of creams and lotions we are putting on our children's skin. With all of the fun outdoor activities happening, parents want to make sure that their kids don't get sunburned. Sometimes kids spend the whole day outside in the sun, which is great, but too much sun exposure is never a good thing. Usually people think of sunscreen as a good thing, something that is a part of healthy living, but what if it is actually causing more harm than good? Research has shown that there are some pretty harmful ingredients in certain sunscreens that can actually cause more damage over time. One of the most harmful chemicals that is mentioned by EWG is Retinyl palmitate, which can actually speed up the growth of skin tumours. Another one is Oxybenzone, which acts like an estrogen when absorbed into the blood stream. Then, there are the high SPFs in sunscreens, which some may think is a good thing, but the SPFs don't guard agains the UVA rays which can cause skin cancer and other issues. Also, the spray sun screens are not favourable because this means that the kids are likely to breathe in the chemicals in the spray, the spray is also likely to cause you to miss spots when putting it on. So it is wiser to stick to a regular squirt bottle lotion.

When choosing a sunscreen to put on your kids before enjoying their fun outdoor activities it is important to remember these things so you can be sure to check the labels of the sunscreen before purchasing and using it. The list that is provided by EWG is a great guide for us all on which sunscreens to steer clear of, so make sure you have a look at the full list on their website. Some of the sunscreens are brands that people have been using for decades and if it weren't for this list they would have not known how they were negatively affecting our health and wellbeing. The EWG website also features a list of the safe sunscreens to choose for you and your kids that don't have any harmful side effects. Most of the safe sunscreens are all natural sunscreens that are made with all natural ingredients. You can also make your own sunscreen from natural ingredients at home and there are plenty of tutorials and DIYs online to choose from. Healthy living isn't just about what we put into our bodies, it is also about what we put on our bodies and our skin. So just as you would check the ingredients of a food package, always be sure to check the ingredients on your bath and body products as well for optimum health and wellbeing.***

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