100 Cal Chocofudge Brownies

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Chocolate is just one of those things that you just get a craving for now and then. Next time you would like a super chocolatey dessert, try out these 100 Cal Chocofudge Brownies! They sound great don't they? And at only 100 calories per piece, they are even better! You might think, oh great, some really bland and dry brownie recipe that has none of the really good ingredients like normal brownies, and you may want to skip this recipe. But once you click on the link and see these amazing looking brownies... your mind will have already changed!

These brownies look nothing short of amazing and I wouldn't be surprised if they become a favourite dessert for you to make! This recipe is seriously so easy to make too... you will think you have cheated or left something out because its that simple. There is no wheat flour in these either, so they could be paleo or gluten free even. There also isn't a bunch of low fat or chemical filled stuff with aspartame or anything like that. Usually when the fat is taken out, it is replaced with sugar, so be aware of that, and if it says sugar free, it usually means that there are a bunch of chemicals that taste like sugar in it.

This has no sugar, but uses a natural sweetener like stevia instead, but make sure that it is granulated like sugar, as the recipe says. The flour is actually whole grain rolled oats that are blended in the blender to be like flour, what a great idea isn't it?! You basically just blend up all of the ingredients in the blender and then bake it in a pan! Simple as that. This is your one way ticket to some not so bad for you brownies. Head over to 'The Londoner' for this recipe by following the link in the section below! She has tons of awesome recipes!

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