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So here’s the thing about choice: how long would it take to view 1,043,122 kitchen design photos, do you think? If you spent only one second on each one, that adds up to about 17,385 minutes. That adds up to about 290 hours. Well, that seems more reasonable. Except that 290 hours adds up to 12 days! You may need to call in reinforcements, say your three BFFs. That makes four of you to do the job, and so only about three days each. Of course, that’s three, 24-hour days, which is pretty impossible. If you worked really hard, and did it in eight hour stints, that would mean nine, eight hour days each. There is really only one way to do it.

Road trip. I mean it. What is more fun than going on an extended trip with your girl friends with a project in mind. Go through all 1,043,122 Kitchen Design Photos that you can find at the Houzz website. This could be so much fun, and cheap, too, if you pack your food and share just one big hotel room. You will have to do this, of course, because you cannot spend time making beds or preparing meals when you have such a daunting task in front of you.

You could take photos, selfies and what not, as well as make Youtubes along the way. Hey, you could post yourselves at various times, such as zero hour, hour 10, 12, and so on. You could twitter where you are on the trip and what Houzz designs you’re looking at, at the time. You could post your favorite kitchen design photos of the hour, or the day, or both. You could create a top one thousand list. Pin the rest. I think I may plan this with my girlfriends for this summer. It sounds so much fun. Meantime, why not head over to Houzz and just check out a few of them?

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