11 Budget Friendly Hacks To Stop Wasting Food

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Enjoy these 11 Budget Friendly Hacks To Stop Wasting Food to make your life easier. If you are looking for simple life hacks for around the home, this great list from Diply will help you on your way. These hacks will show you how to make your life easier by helping you to create less food waste around the house. When we buy groceries sometimes it can be hard to gauge how much food we will actually consume. Generally vegetables and fruits can stay fresh longer in the refrigerator, but even then they only have so much time before they are unable to be consumed. Vegetables and fruits are better when they are at their freshest. So it is always advisable to consume them as soon as you purchase them or within at least a few days of purchasing them. But for people who don't live close to a grocery store or city, or just don't have the time to do multiple grocery runs throughout the week, these real life hacks can come in quite handy in helping you keep all of your produce fresh and usable. These simple life hacks are also great for families who are on a budget. Most people are on a budget these days, especially if they have kids in the house. Budgeting doesn't mean that you have to scrimp and scrape to get your needs met, but it helps you to be able to meet all of the bills and the expenses of modern day living. Having a budget helps families prioritize what they need and helps them save for the things that they really want. It is a great way to also be mindful of our food consumption and to be conscious of not wasting food and other items around the house.

These simple life hacks include tips on how to take the last scrapings of a jar of mayonnaise and turn it into a delicious salad dressing, or use the last of the nutella to make a yummy milkshake or smoothie. This makes good use of the last bits of perfectly good food in a jar so that nothing goes to waste, and the container will be easier to clean out afterward to be recycled. Another awesome hack is to make sure that you store your all natural peanut or almond butter upside down. It sounds odd but it makes sense when you remember all of that oil that is in the jar of the all natural nut butter. It is so annoying to have to stir it every time you use it, so by storing it on its lid, the oil will go to the bottom of the jar and mix well with the rest of the butter. What about when you are trying to measure out honey or maple syrup for a recipe? It can be so difficult to get all of the honey out of the measuring cup into the mixing bowl. But Diply offers up a great way to prevent this from happening. All you have to do is simply coat the measuring cup or spoon with oil before you add the sticky substance into the cup or spoon. The honey will glide right out and into the bowl. If you want to keep berries fresh longer, simply rinse them with plain white vinegar before you put them in the refrigerator. Plus, the vinegar also helps to disinfect the berries at the same time. Speaking of fruit, did you know that by wrapping the stem of your bananas with saran wrap before storing them will keep them from ripening too quickly? But if you do have over ripe bananas, make sure you don't throw them away as they make the best banana bread and smoothies. Just keep them in the freezer until you are ready to use them. You can chop them up and put them into a container to make them easier to use as well. So give some of these simple life hacks to try and learn how to make your life easier and less wasteful.*

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