11 Sneaky Storage Tricks for a Tiny Kitchen

Photo Credit: Good House Keeping

Here are 11 sneaky storage tricks for a tiny kitchen. We all go through the phase of living on our own for the first time. If your experience was like mine, you could barely afford a room, let alone an entire apartment. My place was really just a big room with a fridge and stove tossed in. But it was mine, and I lived in it with great glee for many years. It didn’t matter that it was freezing cold in the winter, the pipes clanged all night long, and the street lights shone right in to my space. It was mine, and I was happy to have it.

The one I wish I had learned better was how to use that space to store all the crap (I mean, precious belongings) that I kept schlepping from one place to another. Like all my textbooks from school. Where all my friends were reselling or burning their books, I filled box and box with these old friends, and trekked them across North America for years. Eventually I yielded them up, but only to people I thought were trustworthy of the stuff. Same with my cooking gear. I had more malfunctioning gadgets than Get Smart and Inspector Gadget combined!

These storage tricks may help you to store away all the memorabilia of your kitchen in a tidy way. I know I have never been able to master that skill. It’s a rare day that I manage to get everything picked up, packed up, and put away in its proper space. Of course, these tips about using spare drawers and stacking things as well as looking at available wall space for shelves might have me taking a second look. You should look too, and see how your tiny kitchen can yield a lot more space than you might have expected. Check it out today!

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