11 Things You Probably Should Not Put in the Dishwasher

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Most of my friends have dishwashers, and, although every home I have owned has had a dishwasher, I have rarely ever used them. That’s probably because I have put every one of these 11 things you probably should not put in the dishwasher in to every one I have ever owned. That has led to more problems, upset and emergency plumber calls than any dishwasher is worth. Still, my friends say they could not live without theirs, and point to the endless hours I spend washing things by hand. Well, we shall probably continue to argue over whether hand washing or machine is superior, and they shall likely never concede that . . . I’m right (okay, stop laughing, . . . seriously, I mean it).

One item that probably everyone knows to keep out of the dishwasher is the cast iron fry pan, the one that is not coated with a ceramic. Even with the ceramic-coated dishes, check what the manufacturer recommends. Ceramic can sometimes crack unexpectedly. Normally that does not affect the function of the dish, but when you spend that kind of cash on something so beautiful and functional, who wants it broken? My cast iron pan, from my grandmother and now at least 50 years old, is treated with tender care, and only washed occasionally. Of course, I only put certain kinds of foods in it, too, cast iron snob that I have become. Specialty dishes, especially the ones you have inherited from your family and that might be so old they are hand painted, should never go in the dishwasher. You probably should not eat from them either, actually, since very old paints were often based on lead products. But that’s another post . . .

The trick to using your dishwasher properly is to know what it can do, and the power it brings to the wash. The water is extremely hot and shoots from multiple angles to get dishes really clean. That is a lot of power. Consider the things you own that need cleaning, and read the manufacturer’s directions, too. If you don’t have the manufacturer’s directions, read this post. Read and be sure. That’s the only way you can know whether the item you love can safely go through that dishwasher. In my mind, better to keep it out, and keep that dish safe.

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