12 Cute Log Cabin Christmas Decorations

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People love staying in wood cabins, especially during the holidays. Check out these 12 cute log cabin Christmas decorations that are perfect for any log cabin or home:

1. Depending on the different log cabin designs, there will be plenty of spots to hang and place these festive decorations. Even small log cabins look great with a lot of rustic looking Christmas decorations and homemade decorations. Wood cabins wouldn't feel complete without the wood burning fireplace, though, and a mantle is a perfect area to set up stockings, garland, and other decorations. Just be sure to move those stockings if you start a fire in your fireplace of course.

2. If you don't have a mantle or stockings, just get some wool socks tied up on a string and place them wherever you like. They will look just as festive.

3. A nice garland with some lights around it will also liven up an empty banister and give a nice, soft glow to the room. Add some colourful ornaments too.

4. Signs made of recycled wood with festive words like Joy, Peace, and Love always look great on a mantle too, and it helps to set the intention for your holiday season.

5. Bringing the outdoors inside also makes sure you get your full dose of nature without having to spend a lot of time out in the cold. You can bring in some holly, some cedar or fir branches in for decoration, and for a nice, natural aroma. Add these to your mantle or your tables.

6. If the log cabin designs feature a number of floor to ceiling windows, that would be the perfect spot to put a nicely lit tree with shiny, colorful decorations. Try a Christmas tree decorated very simply, with green ribbon spiraling all the way down, and then lights and neutral toned Christmas ornaments. Of course, any tree you get to put inside any small log cabins should be a real, live tree. There is nothing better than the fresh aroma of a Christmas tree, and the natural freshness it brings to a room.

7. Don't forget your bathrooms. Whether it's just adding a special Christmas soap or a set of towels, it's nice to have a little Christmas joy everywhere in the house.

8. A Christmas tree skirt is a must too; you could maybe even make one yourself out of a festive looking material. Burlap gives a rustic look, while silks and satins provide a more fancy, classy look.

9. Decorating your dining room table is another way to spread some Christmas spirit throughout your home. There are so many options for centerpieces and table arrangements. Simply use some natural greenery in vases, or, purchase a few mini Christmas-style trees and decorate them how you like.

10. Candles on a table always bring a nice sparkle and glow too. Put them in some nice candle holders and light them for your special holiday dinners.

11. You don't need to put on a fancy table cloth, but a nice plaid one looks really festive, if you don't have a tablecloth, you can use placemats as well.

12. Decorating your entrance way is also a great way to share your holiday spirit with the rest of your neighborhood. Hang some garland around your doorway and add some lights to brighten it up. Then place a wreath on your door, which always looks pretty and can stay even after Christmas is over. You can make signs out of wood, or Christmas trees out of metal which look really good on the steps leading up to the door.

One of the chandlers shown on Architecture Art Design is quite breathtaking, made all out of tree branches with small Christmas lights intertwined to illuminate it. This type of rustic decoration is perfect for wood cabins. As one of the photos in the collection shows, you can also keep things very simple and classy, with white and green and maybe a hint of silver and gold. Don't forget to decorate the bathrooms too. Simply hanging a little bit of garland or adding some greenery to your bathroom could be enough. But you can also add in some festive towels and rugs if you like. Enjoy some of this holiday decorating ideas and test them out this year.***

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