12 Fantastic Things To Make With Paper Rolls This Christmas

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The Christmas holidays can be an expensive time of year. With gifts, holiday decorating and food being at the top of the list for things to buy. These do it yourself crafts are a welcome addition to the holidays as they use simple craft materials that you most likely already have around the house. These fun and easy diys are inexpensive and provide a nice activity to enjoy with family and friends. With these diy crafts for home, you will also add to your holiday decorations while having fun at the same time. The nice things about crafts is they make good use out of all your recycables, with these 12 fantastic crafts using paper rolls as the base. Once you take a look at the easy do it yourself crafts you'll look at paper rolls in a whole new light. So start putting away those paper towel and toilet paper rolls for these fun and easy diys.

1. Paper roll reindeer, you won't believe these cute crafts are made out of paper rolls. You can place around the house, and the kids will love them.

2. The Grinch do it yourself craft is an easy paper roll craft that uses colored construction paper for the details.

3. Snowman craft that uses tissue paper, Christmas ribbon and construction paper for a holiday craft that can be used for decorations or as gift boxes for stocking stuffers.

4. Gingerbread men, a simple do it yourself craft made with paper rolls, markers, and glitter.

5. Christmas candles, a unique craft and nice way to decorate anytime of year.

6. Toilet paper tube poinsettia that you can make a bouquet or use individual flowers as ornaments for the Christmas tree. A nice way to add some sparkle to your home.

7. Paper stars. This diy craft is similar to the toilet paper tube poinsettia craft only uses different colored glitter.

8. Santa suit gift boxes. This adorable idea is a great way to make small gift boxes with easy to follow instructions.

9. Christmas wreath. This do it yourself craft is a popular idea that is easy to do.

10. Gold flower bowl. You will be amazed at this lovely diy craft for home. The easy to make bowl can be filled with Christmas ornaments, pinecones or holiday accessories for a nice addition to any table. You won't believe this is made out of paper tube rolls.

11. Gift boxes. Another do it yourself craft idea that uses paper tube rolls as small gift boxes, a great idea for wrapping those small stocking stuffers.

12. Bird feeder fun and easy diy craft idea. This is a project the kids will want to help out with. All you need for this fun and easy diy is paper tube rolls, some peanut butter and bird seed.

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