12 Gorgeous DIY Christmas Decor Ideas

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With Christmas drawing closer, you might be pondering new ways to decorate your home this year, but Christmas decorations don’t always come cheap. With these 12 gorgeous DIY Christmas décor ideas, you can start decorating your home with these home-made Christmas decorations that match your own unique style and flair, all with maximum savings in mind. Not only that, but it can be a lot of fun to sit down with your children, friends, and neighbours and have a full-on holiday crafts session. Serve hot, mulled apple cider and eggnog, get out a few chocolates, and set to work on this complete list of do-it-yourself Christmas decorations. Before you know it, you’ll have a boxful of beautiful decorations to deck the halls with this Christmas season.

Christmas can be a tad stressful for many, with a major to-do list to check off before the big day comes around. There are gifts to purchase, meals to make, sweets to bake, and decorations to put up, just to name a few. Why not get a head start this year and buy yourself some extra time to meet all of your deadlines? Treat yourself to a leisurely craft session with a few select family members and friends. Getting creative can be a lot of fun while you’re still getting that major to-do list done. With these 12 Christmas décor ideas, you’ll save time and money while transforming your home into a Christmas wonderland that looks like you spent all year to create. Choose from wood pallet Christmas trees, popsicle stick snowflakes, mesh snowman wreaths, mason jar candle holders, mirrored Christmas greetings, wall plaques, and more. These twelve Christmas craft projects are just enough to whet your appetite. Once you get going, you might not want to stop – and if that’s the case, don’t worry – there’s a lot more where these came from.

Crafting is a relaxing pastime that’s been clinically proven to alleviate stress – it relieves the mind from worry loops, slows us down, and makes us mindful of what our hands are doing. When we’re engaging in creative activities, our brains release natural anti-depressants such as dopamine, making us feel good and giving us a natural high. When it comes to the common stressors of the Christmas season, crafting can be a wonderful way to ease your way through them – doing something enjoyable and creative while accomplishing one of the major tasks on your itinerary. You can also save some of these great Christmas décor ideas for next year, share them with loved ones, or even create a few to give as gifts. These fun and gorgeous DIY Christmas Décor Ideas come from the Frugal Ginger website, where you can find lots more DIY crafting project ideas, holiday hacks, home savings tips, recipes, cleaning tricks, and parenting advice. If you want to care for your home without having to spend a lot of money, you might want to check out the Frugal Ginger to get yourself pointed in the right direction.*

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