13 Low Carb Snacks

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If you, like many people are trying to eat healthier and have a healthier lifestyle, than you want to also make sure you are having the proper nutrients throughout your day. Here are 13 low carb snacks, that instead of giving you a quick sugar rush that is quickly burned up by your body, will give you sustained nutrients to fuel your system. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that they aren't just flavourless snacks that you won't enjoy too. The list is made up of many well balanced snacks that will give you plenty of energy and that taste really awesome too!

The thing about people wanting to get healthier is that it can't just revolve around losing weight. It's about feeling good in the body you are in. It should be a balanced lifestyle change that incorporates easy to follow through with choices when it comes to what you eat and getting more active. These things shouldn't be radical changes over night either, it can be as simple as cutting out a few things you know your body doesn't really like too much, like dairy or meat. If your body likes and needs those things, than they should by all means, be kept in your meals.

The snacks they mention in the article will give you some awesome choices for snack options or even lighter meal options. It's always good to have a few quick and healthy snack ideas on hand. One of my favourite snacks on the list that I have always loved, is the apples and cheese, or apples and peanut butter. I also really love lettuce wraps for lunches and snacks, it is so good to have instead of a wrap, you can actually taste all the flavours of the ingredients! Hummus is always a favourite around our house too, and it's pretty easy to make as well!

If you are making any significant changes in your diet, make sure you take it easy with yourself, don't be too hard on yourself if you think you slip up. Being good and nice to yourself is all a part of living a healthy lifestyle too, so don't forget that positive reinforcement goes a long way. The main thing is, use your intuition to ask your body what it is you are truly craving in the moment, see if there is a healthier option that you can make or buy fresh that includes fresh ingredients. To get more ideas, head over to 'Web MD' by clicking the link in the Read Me section below!

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